Wall Street casino: The derivatives crisis

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The derivatives market is the Las Vegas of the world’s financial super elite, worth anywhere between 2 to 8 quadrillion dollars compared to about 70 trillion…
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  1. Too bad Harris has no credibility and too bad Press TV feels the need to
    take the Alex Jones bullshit route as a way to create anti-US propaganda.
    Press TV has lost all credibility now. Check my channel for the truth about
    these con men.

  2. @PoofDuddy As of August 15, 1971, dollars are no longer paper debt
    fractionally linked to a physical retainer asset of gold. We have a
    floating currency. So now that financial markets are dead and interest
    rates essentially mean nothing, to say that wall street is not a casino
    scam is fundamentally wrong. You should do a little research yourself
    before you go around calling everyone “idiots”. 

  3. If these criminal bankers crash the world’s economy again, we need to
    publicly execute those most culpable

  4. The banksters: Too big to fail. Too big to jail. How they are destroying
    the global financial system.

  5. Corporate greedys beging their resurgence in the 80s.When Frank Lorenzo
    adquire Eastern Airlines.He became to play and intrincated money game,with
    Texas Air,Continental Air,Eastern Air.The one that pay the final
    consecuences was Eastern Airlines.He shut down the airline,and sell the
    Airline asset.This was the time of Corporate Mafia White Collar
    Thieves.This was the begining of the infamous Corporate America.Watch
    Eastern Airlines documentary on YouTube.

  6. thehassanhashemi

    Excellent work, thanks PRESS TV

  7. It was Karl Marx.

  8. $100 trillion dollars of debt is not money, it’s DEBT. You guys are idiots!
    Just as dollars are paper debt fractionally linked to a physical retainer
    asset of gold, derivatives are supposed to be debt linked fractionally to
    physical assets other than gold. Wall Street is not a casino scam, but it
    is not far from a Ponzi scheme and it is Capitalism – nobody’s putting a
    gun to your head to run out buying corporate stocks and bonds.

  9. Toxic financial farts from Wall St as the bubble bursts and keeps on
    bursting will choke off all of America turning every city into a Detroit
    the Parasite’s will flee to come back in a few years to start the whole
    process again. How do you protect yourself whats the = of a gas mask throw
    away the credit cards try to grow your own food do not spend $ 100 a month
    on Iphone/Att garbage etc do not buy gold when the sh*t hits the fan it
    will be worthless because you will be killed for it

  10. Alastair Carnegie

    /watch?v=kZkQtHDLE-w Yes! that is only fair. We have volunteered to test
    the weaponised version of the post presented here. The 1972 Club of Rome
    Paper, “The Limits of Growth” has been reviewed at 10 year intervals. the
    30 & 40 year review vindicate the predictions. You my friend may be the
    lucky one out of 14 who is not sterilized of exterminated. Just now I am
    testing a lethal bronco-pneumonia digital frequency. I may be dead within a
    month or two? if I do not recover. My Doctor is in the loop

  11. Corrupt Politicians,Greedy Company CEOs.They created this economic
    crisis.Former GM CEOs Rick Wagoner,was requesting millions of dollars to
    save GM from a Financial Collaps.He was flying in a luxury
    private-jet,expensive Corporate dinners,and many other luxurius
    amenities.AIG requesting millions from Goverment to avoid a financial
    collaps.They executives receiving millionaire Corporate bonuses for
    themselves.If Corporate greedys,with their ambitions of Powers,that are
    destroying our Country.

  12. The TV show host shows some real understanding of the situation.. ! Respect
    Press TV for that !! We did come to a point were Not listening to
    Larouche.., will and is becoming a crime ! some ppl on this show r starting
    to show some courage finally.. 🙂

  13. @24:35 Mike Harris laid the final endgame out precisely how it’s going to
    go down.

  14. Better to listen to Tarpley. LaRouche is far past his prime.

  15. Lester Nesterenco

    Are there no honest fucking lawyers left in the US and other western
    countries? Where the hell are they? Have western men all lost their
    consciences totally?

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