India: The Outsourcing of Jobs on Discovery Channel 2004

India: The Outsourcing of Jobs on Discovery Channel 2004

India: The Outsourcing of Jobs Discovery Channel 2004 Oh to all, don’t take this video upload too seriously as I am not trying to make any statement here. Th…


What the Candidates Won Contrary to the misconceptions so often reinforced in the media, out…

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  1. No matter how much wealth india gets i still get these pictures in my head
    of indians shitting every where, dirty indians crawling through shit to
    find gold. There discrimination of the dalit, animal sex, cow piss drinking
    subhumans. Discusting race of people.

  2. thirty little rattling turtles… get your own productive job guysss..
    leave this call center stuff

  3. MyEternalJesus

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((BAZINGA BAZINGA BAZINGA

  4. Wow, I wanna move to india

  5. If you outsource your jobs. Is it more beneficial to have lower prices for
    goods and services? Or No jobs for consumers? 

  6. Florindo Troncelliti


  7. Well, I thought it was a very lovely story. And you tell it so well, with
    such enthusiasm!

  8. Philippines Outsourcing Companies

    The Pros and Cons of outsourcing is as vast as the scope of online
    marketing. To say the least, outsourcing truly cores upon the maximizing of
    profit and lesser expenses. Thus, it being a strategy is an option that all
    is invited to consider.

  9. Remote BPO Outsourcing

    Outsourcing has its downsides too. However, many are still looking to
    outsourcing as the best way to gain more profit for their business.

  10. Francis Cloutier

    As an economist, I find this video absolutely disgusting. I follow and read
    CATO and value much of their content but to try and picture outsourcing as
    this noble thing is fucking retarded. Not that it’s evil either, but it’s
    certainly not noble. The only, the ONLY thing that matters to businesses in
    a capitalist society is profit. That’s not bad, it’s good. But to then
    pretend that outsourcing is never motivated by reducing labor costs is not
    only disingenuous, its fucking stupid and an obvious manipulation of facts.
    The interviewee in this video is either ill-intentioned or incredibly

  11. ibragim temirov

    It all comes down to policy making. You gotta put aside politics and
    implement policy that will attract foreign companies to settle in the U.S
    for jobs and economic well being.

  12. Adrian Azzopardi

    Contrary to the misconceptions so often reinforced in the media,
    outsourcing is not the product of U.S. businesses chasing low wages or weak
    environmental and labor standards abroad. Businesses are concerned about
    the entire cost of production, from product conception to consumption.
    Foreign wages and standards are but a few of the numerous considerations
    that factor into the ultimate investment and production decision. Those
    critical considerations include: the quality and skills of the work force;
    access to ports, rail, and other infrastructure; proximity of production
    location to the next phase in the supply chain or to the final market;
    time-to-market; the size of nearby markets; the overall economic
    environment in the host country or region; the political climate; the risk
    of asset expropriation; the regulatory environment; taxes; and the
    dependability of the rule of law, to name some.

    The imperative of business is not to maximize national employment, but to
    maximize profits. Business is thus concerned with minimizing total costs,
    not wages, and that is why those several factors are all among the crucial
    determinants of investment and production decisions. Locales with low wages
    and lax standards tend to be expensive places to produce all but the most
    rudimentary goods because, typically, those environments are associated
    with low labor productivity and other economic, political, and structural
    impediments to operating smooth, cost-effective supply chains. Most of
    those crucial considerations favor investment in rich countries over poor.

  13. Outsourced jobs won’t return to the US.

  14. planetofthescums

    How things should be produced and what is being produced are important for
    the health of the general population.

  15. “In Africa”? WHERE in Africa? Anywhere? Even in the U.S., income makes a
    big difference depending on where you live. For example, $40k in Ohio would
    be considered a decent income, but in New York, it’s nothing because of the
    difference in cost of living and taxes. Your blanket statements are comical
    because they show what an ignorant boob you are.

  16. planetofthescums

    Yes I do. Why would I ask if I didn’t. Why would I ask if you had better
    than a snowballs chance in hell of proving yourself right? He was quoting
    Gina. She said Africa. Pick any place in Africa. Throw a dart at a map on
    the wall. Figure it out.

  17. Keith Kevelson

    We’re better off with economists like Alexander Hamilton. This free-trade
    mumbo jumbo has been tried since the 1980’s, and it has failed miserably.
    Comparative advantage doesn’t apply when there’s the potential to gain a
    long-term advantage with tariffs. Accepting free-trade because a
    self-described economist says it’s good is equivalent to believing that God
    exists because a theologian says so. On the issue of trade, we need more
    Hamilton/Clay and less Ricardo/Marx.

  18. Keith Kevelson

    Some economists are beginning the reconsider free-trade. Paul Samuelson
    appears to have become a protectionist towards the end of his career and
    life with one of his later articles in the Journal of Economic

  19. planetofthescums

    In order to do that you would have to cite your sources. The opinion I gave
    with citations is not my opinion.


    we have been niggered by the republican theocracy.we all were born into
    it.born agains/hell fire,a cult from the crown nation.

  21. Why are we calling these U.S. firms? Why if the standard of living is being
    driven down by globalization would the American people give any particular
    loyalty to the people who serve the interests of private non-democratic
    corporate oligarchs over their own interests? Why is a military socialized
    amongst the people to serve the protection of these corporate oligarchs in
    foreign lands? They are traitors.

  22. planetofthescums

    Most normal conversation does not involve calling the other person a moron,
    imebecile, ignorant, asshole, stupid, twat, scumbag, boob, brainless,
    retard, simpleton, bonehead, puppet, clown, crackpot, idiot, or dumbass.
    When you are at home tied to your master’s bed-post, I could care less what
    pet names you are called. Knowing that you have the intelligence to copy
    and paste complete sentences makes it all the worse. You even added
    quotation marks, sad.

  23. DCUnderdog3000

    My mind has been fucking blown with amazement. This just made me hate
    socialists even more.

  24. So you’re saying the $2 in Africa goes a lot longer way than $2 in America?
    Thanks for supporting the very thing I’ve been arguing the whole time, you

  25. You stated a phenomenon that is true, but then made a bogus claim that no
    one has any idea how many illegal immigrants are in the U.S. You then
    implied that sex slaves make up a significant number of the illegal
    immigrants in the U.S. You hardly stated anything factual.

  26. This is absolute anti-democratic private corporate government propaganda. I
    hope one day, the individuals perpetrating these lies are dealt with by the
    people in mass numbers in the way people have risen up against traitors
    throughout history

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